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GoRev Reporting Module

Note: If you need assistance with a particular portion of this tutorial, please use the Table of Contents on the left hand side of this screen to navigate to the topic that you require.

click on the “Reports” icon.

window below may have more or fewer options. green tiles indicate a category of reports and contain multiple individual reports within them. Blue tiles indicate a single report.

when we click the Billing Report (Detail) tile the below appears:

Using Reports

The screenshot below shows the results of a report designed to watch accounts created without email addresses.

Starting from top left and working right the buttons do the following.

Active Facilities If you have multiple GoRev units in your enterprise you can easily merge their data into the same report by checking a facility on or off. This makes comparing your locations a snap. For example, if you have 12 free standing emergency room locations you could easily select all 3 of them in a specific region for comparison. You will see merged facility data in your report identified by the “Facility” column.

Reports This button takes you back to the main report list

Refresh Reports within GoRev are cached into server memory. This makes pulling even very large result sets very quick. (GoRev can pull 20,000 rows in < 2 seconds). These cached sets of data refresh on specific intervals that differ by custom report. For example, some may refresh every 30 seconds while some larger ones may refresh every hour. If you need live data up to this second clicking refresh will update the servers cached set of data and display it for you.

Export as XLS This button exports a copy of the data you are viewing into an excel spreadsheet. Specify where to save on your computer and click Save. Please note. The bottom right has a search box that allows you to filter the data you are currently viewing within the report. If you, for example, filter to just “Griffin” and then click export to xls you will only export items that contain “Griffin” anywhere within them.

Schedule Report This button allows you to schedule an email delivery of this report. You can specify any number of days of the week and the time you want to report to be delivered. The GoRev server will run the report at the time you specify, package it into an encrypted password protected zip file (same as the password you logon to GoRev with), and email it to you.

Below shows a report I have scheduled to be delivered on Monday's at 7am.

Export Other This button allows you to export to a CSV file or other file types as needed. Other file types can be setup as customization's to your specific GoRev implementation usually without charge.

Report Designer For Sql editing.

Overview Reports within GoRev are all dynamic. click on any row in a report and the Patient Account buttons will take you to the specific patient's GoRev screens.

Sorting All columns in all reports are sort able. Just click a column and it will sort. Click again and it sorts the opposite way.

Filtering The bottom right of the report window has a search box. This is an instant filtering window. Start typing and the report's contents will filter down to only items containing your search text.

Example Reports

GoRev operates on a very refined SQL database structure. This allows us to create custom reports very quickly. We have over 300 reports available to implement. We only implement the ones necessary for your specialty and environment.

Billing Tile

Executive Tile

Radiology Specific Note some of these reports require integration with your RIS. However, if your RIS does not support modality work lists GoRev can provide one for you.

Oncology Reports Oncology is a revenue cycle. For example, the Texan Plus Monoclonal report below shows you the accounts where a monoclonal antibody based drug was used. Your RCM team would then need to ensure Texan Plus pays this drug as it is one of the few carved out as payable along with primary administration procedure codes.

Scheduling Reports GoRev supports patient wrist band printing. The reports below will help you ensure your team is printing for all patients. Wrist bands help in many other areas other than just patient safety. Wristbands can also automate the logging of check in time.

Additional Resources

GoRev Support Team

If you have any questions, concerns, or problems regarding the GoRev Reporting module, please contact the GoRev Support Team by submitting an IT Support Ticket, by phone at 1-(317)-794-3900, and/or by email at

Note: Always submit an IT Support Ticket detailing the problem that you are experiencing with this portion of GoRev, if possible, as this will give GoRev Support Agents access to information that will help expedite the resolution of your issue.

If you are not sure how to submit an IT Support Ticket in GoRev, please see the GoRev IT Support Ticket Creation Tutorial for assistance.

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