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GoRev Adding Worker's Compensation Tutorial

Welcome to the GoRev Adding Worker’s Compensation Tutorial. In this tutorial, we will focus on the process of Adding Worker’s Compensation Information to a Patient’s Account in GoRev.

1 : Add Worker's Comp Button

Click on the “Add Worker’s Comp” button present in the Patient Payer Information window.

2 : Entering Patient's Case Number and Date of Injury

Enter the Patient’s Case Number and Date of Injury into the corresponding fields.

3 : Entering Employer Information

Enter the Name of the Patient’s Employer, the Address of Employment, and the corresponding Phone Number into the Employer Information fields.

4 : Gaining Access to Additional Employer Information Fields

Click on the “More” button on your screen.

5 : Entering Additional Employer Information

Enter any additional Address and Contact Information for the Patient’s Employer that you have into the fields provided.

6 : Entering Adjuster's Name and Contact Information

Enter the Adjuster’s Name and Contact Information into the corresponding fields in the Patient Payer Information window.

7 : Entering Worker's Compensation Plan Information

Enter the Worker’s Compensation Plan Name, Address, and Phone Number into the corresponding fields.

Click “Next”.

8 : Reviewing the Entered Information

Once the Finalize Visit Creation window appears on your device, you will be able to view the Patient’s Worker’s Compensation Information in the Final Review section of this window.

9 : Saving the Entered Information

Click on the “Save Visit” button.

Additional Resources

GoRev Adding Worker's Compensation Video Tutorial

GoRev Support Team

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the Addition of Worker's Compensation Information to a Patient's Account, please contact the GoRev Support Team at (1-(832)-658-2209).

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