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Automated Selfpay Rate Adjustments

This system will automate the adjustment of accounts down to the rates you configure in your chargemaster and subsequent automated transfer of remaining balance to patient responsibility for any Selfpay/Cashpay rate carriers. This function is triggered only when an account is saved into the Coding Complete status. Triggering this function on accounts already in Coding Complete will require you to change the status on the account to a different coding status and then back to Coding Complete. Our bulk actions come in handy for this!

Step 1 - Configure your Charge Master

If you plan on updating the self-pay rates on a lot of charges feel free to export your chargemaster to excel using the chargemaster report in GoRev, add your self-pay rate as another column in the spreadsheet, and then submit the spreadsheet to GoRev in a ticket requesting self-pay rates be enabled. Otherwise, you will need to update the Self Pay Rate field on each chargemaster item as shown below This is the $ amount you want to be transferred to the patient's responsibility.

For example, if your charge is $779.53 as shown below and you put $300 as your selfpay rate this automated system will apply an adjustment of $449.53 and transfer $300 to the patient responsibility for this one charge code.

Step 2 - Submit a Ticket to Enable Automated Selfpayrate Adjustments

Once you have your chargemaster configured, submit a ticket to GoRev and ask to have the Auto Selfpay Rate system turned on.

Step 3 - Carriers this applies to

This automated adjustment system only applies to Carriers that start with “0” (aka Selfpay rate carriers). You can tell if a Carrier qualifies by looking at this number within the GoRev Carrier section:

Example Auto Adjustment and Transfer

This is what the automated adjustment and transfers look like:

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