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 ** 1. New Tray :** {{:public:gorev:test-tubes-64.png?nolink&25|}}\\ ** 1. New Tray :** {{:public:gorev:test-tubes-64.png?nolink&25|}}\\
 +The **New Tray** option allow us to **Create** a **New Tray** and select the **Tray Type** depending on **Facility Settings**.
 +In this scenario we have selected **Generic Batch**.
 {{:public:gorev:batchnewtray.png?700|}} {{:public:gorev:batchnewtray.png?700|}}
 ** 2. Add Sample :** {{:public:gorev:user-add-32.png?nolink&25|}}\\ ** 2. Add Sample :** {{:public:gorev:user-add-32.png?nolink&25|}}\\
 +The **Add Sample** option allows us to **Add** a **Sample** by **Searching** for a specific **Specimen ID**, **External ID** or **Patient Name**. We can then click **Done** to **Add** the **Sample** to the table.
 {{:public:gorev:batchaddsample.png?700|}} {{:public:gorev:batchaddsample.png?700|}}
 ** 3. Remove Sample :** {{:public:gorev:delete-alt-32.png?nolink&25|}}\\ ** 3. Remove Sample :** {{:public:gorev:delete-alt-32.png?nolink&25|}}\\
 +The **Remove Sample** option allows us to **Remove** a selected **Sample** from the table.
 {{:public:gorev:batchremovesample.png?700|}} {{:public:gorev:batchremovesample.png?700|}}
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 ** 4. Save Batch :** {{:public:gorev:save-alt-32.png?nolink&25|}}\\ ** 4. Save Batch :** {{:public:gorev:save-alt-32.png?nolink&25|}}\\
 +The **Save Batch** option allows us to **Save** a **Batch** and come back to it later. we can do this by clicking **Save Batch** and entering a **Batch ID** / **Number**. 
 {{:public:gorev:batchsavebatch.png?700|}} {{:public:gorev:batchsavebatch.png?700|}}
 ** 5. Load Batch :** {{:public:gorev:upload-32.png?nolink&25|}}\\ ** 5. Load Batch :** {{:public:gorev:upload-32.png?nolink&25|}}\\
 +The **Load Batch** option allows us to **Load** a **Saved Batch** or **Download** / **Import** a **Batch (.GRLTB) File** from our computer or local network.
 {{:public:gorev:batchloadbatch.png?700|}} {{:public:gorev:batchloadbatch.png?700|}}
 ** 6. Export Worklist :** {{:public:gorev:file-export-32.png?nolink&25|}}\\ ** 6. Export Worklist :** {{:public:gorev:file-export-32.png?nolink&25|}}\\
 +The **Export Worklist** option allows us to **Export** the current **Batch** to a **XLS File**.
 {{:public:gorev:batchexportworklist.png?700|}} {{:public:gorev:batchexportworklist.png?700|}}
-Once you have navigated to Batch Creator up you’ll have a few main options (as shown below) including New Tray, Add Sample, Load Batch. +[[:public:GoRev:start|Back to GoRev Guides]]
- +
-{{:public:gorev:batch_creator_header.jpg|}} +
-  +
-Let'start with New Tray. Depending on your facility-specific settings, you may have a couple different options to select here, including Generic Batch. Once you have set your tray to the appropriate selection, it will be reflected by the visual representation on the right-hand side. Depending on your selected tray, your screen should look similar to below. +
- +
-{{:public:gorev:batch_creator_new_tray.jpg|}} +
- +
-Now we can add in samples.  To add samples, simply click add sample and search for the patient or specimen ID, and select the appropriate specimen ID. If you search for a patient that has multiple specimen ID's the search result show how all specimen ID's for the given patient for you to select from (as shown below). +
- +
-{{:public:gorev:batch_creator_add_sample.jpg|}} +
- +
-You can enter as many samples here as will fit on your tray, and each sample that you add will be reflected immediately on the tray display on the right side. Each sample in your list can have its tray location identified by clicking on the sample. This will be represented by orange in the tray display. +
- +
-{{:public:gorev:batch_creator_tray.jpg|}} +
- +
-If you were working on a batch or need to alter an existing batch you can open this back up by clicking on “Load Batch” and selecting the appropriate batch. +
- +
-{{:public:gorev:batch_creator_load_tray.jpg|}}  +
- +
-What happens if you are working on this screen and have 57 samples entered in and accidentally hit close? No worries! GoRev cache’s the data here! You can simply click on the batch creator again and your batch should appear just as you left it! +
- +
-Now that you are done you can simply save the batch and name it! +
-After analyzing has been done and you have your results, you can go to the Import icon {{:public:gorev:import_icon.jpg|}}, search for your results file on your PC or local network, and open file from there. +
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