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GoRev BCBS Emergent Tracking Module

Welcome to the BCBS Emergent Tracking module designed to assist you with monitoring BCBS' new policy of reviewing and potentially denying out of network ER claims on the basis of medical necessity. This module consists of 2 main components; a new worksheet titled BCBS Emergent Tracking exists in patient overview, and a new report titled BCBS Emergent Tracking Status has been created.

BCBS Emergent Tracking Worksheet

This worksheet can be access from patient overview by clicking on worksheets as shown below and selecting BCBS Emergent Tracking

The below worksheet will appear. Please note no field is required. We designed this so that it is flexible to your needs. This worksheet will allow you to track the vitally important dates and statuses of your appeal process on these claims. These will be very important should all of your options fail. See report below that will allow you to pull all of this information out across all impacted claims.

BCBS Emergent Tracking Summary Report

This report will allow you to view all the worksheet fields for each individual account. Please note if you do not have a Carrier Specific green tile this report may show up in your Custom Reports green tile. Use the search box towards top right to find it easily.

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