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GoRev Bulk Automated Actions

Within most data grids in GoRev you can right-click to find a sub-menu of available actions. When highlighting multiple rows within a data grid the action you execute will apply against each highlighted item as shown below.

Bulk User Permissions

In order for a user to see available bulk actions they must have the proper permissions assigned.

BulkStatementActions = Grants access to the Queue Statement For Delivery and Approve Statement Balance actions BulkFollowUpActions = Grants access to set follow up BulkCodingActions = Grants access to Set Coding Status

Bulk Action Definitions

Set Coding Status This will change the current coding status on each account. This can be useful to mass rebill claims by setting them all to Coding Approved.

Set Follow Up This can be used to change the current follow up date set on an account as well as change which user is assigned the account for followup. You can also specify the follow up status.

Approve Statement Balance Marks the current patient balance due as approved for each account. Same action you would normally do for each patient within the Financials window in the Statements tab.

Queue Statement For Delivery This requires your server to be setup with digital patient statement delivery via the site. If setup when this action is executed the patients will receive an emailed statement within a few minutes of execution. Patients can unsubscribe at will so accidentally executing this outside of normal business hours or multiple times could lead to many patients simply unsubscribing from your digital statement feed.

Print Labels This will print a dymo barcode label for each patient selected. Useful in labs to label specimen vials in bulk.

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