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GoRev Change Log

Please see the sections below for more information about each version of GoRev and the included changes.

GoRev Version 2020.07.31| Date : 08/03/2020

  1. Feature: CustomFields can now be displayed within GoRev's Online Registrations Section. Useful for letting patients supply you with their car's make, model, and even license. This lets you identify the patient more quickly and provide a more personal touch as they arrive
  2. Change: Added a registry setting (PortalEnableAutoFallBackToInvite) that defaults to False and allows for enabling and disabling the automated portal integration when patient deliverable files are uploaded.
  3. Change: Replaced the us_cities.csv file used to populate all cities, zips, etc with the AddressIndex table now in Codemaster on all servers
  4. Report: Added Latest Appeal and Latest Appeal Date to Master Claims Analysis Report.

GoRev Version 2020.07.23| Date : 07/27/2020


GoRev Version 2020.07.17| Date : 07/20/2020

  1. Bug Fix: The PCP (Primary Care Physician) field in demographics section in patient overview stays visible between patient loads.
  2. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the County text editor was overlapping the City, State and Zip code fields in the Location Directory.
  3. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing the list of results statuses to be cut off and not allow scrolling on the Lab Results screen when many statuses are present
  4. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing Payment Reversals to be linked to batch 0 when reversing from Patient Financials.
  5. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing the GoRev client to incorrectly state that it was a different version than the GoRev service when network bandwidth is limited.
  6. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with automatic control names in the digital registration editor that can conflict.
  7. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Background Searching and barcode scanning external IDs on the Home screen in the lab modules.
  8. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing charge type to display as Explosive when it is actually a Regular charge.

GoRev Version 2020.07.10| Date : 07/14/2020

  1. Feature: A new server wide unique visit ID has been implemented. Similar to Enterprise ID this unique identifier will let you tie to an exact single visit on your entire GoRev server. Useful for interfaces to external entities such as labs.
  2. Feature: GoRev now tracks the printing of all patient single labels (typically printed via a Dymo). Useful for verifying a patient showed up when the GoRev scheduling module is not in use.
  3. Change: Patients who registered for a portal account and had previously not been seen by a provider saw two portal profiles when they logged in. They now only see the portal profile connected to an actual healthcare provider.
  4. Change: Employer now has a dedicated tab within the Contact section in Patient Overview. The Employer and Occupation fields formerly found in the Marketing tab in the Demo section have moved here. The marketing tab was removed.
  5. Bug Fix: Scheduling administrative settings such as room order, rooms in departments, etc.
  6. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with the SyncLinkedFacilityCoding feed when patient MRN numbers do not match between the facility and professional unit.
  7. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing time blocks to not save or be editable.

GoRev Version 2020.07.06| Date : 07/07/2020

  1. Feature: Digital registration forms now support drop down boxes
  2. Feature: Added support for multi-line text fields in digital registration.
  3. Feature: Added capture of drivers licenses and insurance cards via a patient’s mobile device camera
  4. Change: Added support for the arrow keys in the digital registration designer to position and resize the active control.
  5. Change: Added additional text sizing modes to digital registration documents to support a wider range of situations.
  6. Change: Added support for swapping the PDF in a form in the digital registration editor.
  7. Change: Added expanded support for print services fields importing from digital registrations.
  8. Change: SMS Text registration page lets you re-use the link and register again under a different email address. The link should “expire” after use.
  9. Bug Fix:CPT descriptions in the coding window were being populated solely based upon a CPT match into the charge master. This caused the wrong descriptions to populate for items like J3490 where multiple CDM's use this particular CPT. This logic was changed to pull from the charge master based on a CDM link. This bug did not impact charge capture as all charging was based upon CDM links.
  10. Bug Fix: The background can no longer be selected (turning the entire document blue) when signing a digital document.
  11. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with the WorkflowNotes flat data interface that causes it to fail when sending notifications to patients from a background maintenance task.
  12. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing the “Portal Account Already Exists” notification to not show for users when using the Create Portal Account on Patient Overview.

GoRev Version 2020.06.18.2| Date : 06/23/2020

  1. Feature: Added new bulk action to allow users to disable patient billing. This de-approves all balances for selected visits and disables any queued statements. Users are required to have a new permission titled “BulkDisablePatientBilling” in order to use this functionality
  2. Change: Removed default Patient Portal Notifications so that any event can be disabled by simply removing or not providing a template for the specific event.
  3. Change: The Demo bulk importer (Sqlinterface) now has the capability of importing the multivalue race field.
  4. Change: Added support for additional state reporting requirements by allowing for custom profiles to be created to filter the data.
  5. Bug Fix: Export to XLS and XLSX now support all column changes and filters that have been applied along with the existing row filter applied through filters or instant search

GoRev Version 2020.06.05| Date : 06/09/2020

  1. Change: public:gorev:changelog:2020.06.05:Added a filter to treat UNKNOWN as no check number while importing EDI files into the posting workflow from the clearinghouse FTP.
  2. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing Note Templates to not load when a bad permission record exists in the security tables.
  3. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with the Declined checkboxes relating to editing email addresses on Patient Overview.
  4. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue when registering patients for Portal accounts by email.

GoRev Version 2020.05.18| Date : 05/20/2020

  1. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing the Edit Tests screen to not load the initially selected test when its first opened.
  2. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with the StatCheckIn permission on the Home screen.
  3. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing the default value of NDC to be written to the NDC field of charges on the coding screen when no NDC is supplied.
  4. Bug Fix: Fixed sorting and filtering issues on the Patient Overview, Patient Financials and Workflow screens.
  5. Bug Fix: Fixed the Hold button issue on the Patient Portal Inbox screen.
  6. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue on a few flat data interface components that causes data to not be imported when invoking from a remote API.

GoRev Version 2020.05.01| Date : 05/04/2020

  1. Change: Added validation to the Statement Settings screen to prevent statement cycle periods less than 1.
  2. Change: Added a checkbox to the various contact entry points in GoRev that marks email as Declined.
  3. Change: Added a NoteCategory field to the WorkflowNotes flat data interface that allows notes to be delivered to patients on the Patient Portal..
  4. Change: Added a new notification system that is able to deliver notifications to any allowed contact methods on a patient account using resource file templates.
  5. Change: Added a print services based generic data merge process that can be used to generate notifications and other documents based on templates stored in Resource Files.

GoRev Version 2020.04.23| Date : 04/27/2020

  1. Change: Added a system registry setting to control validation of NDC code formatting in claim generation. CGenValidateNdcFormat defaults to false.
  2. Change: Added support to the VisitCharge interface to mapping charges directly against the Price table's NDC field and not through NdcToHcpcs.
  3. Change: Added the BillStatus field to the demo interface.
  4. Change: Added restrictions to the Carrier and Plan admin screens preventing changes to carriers or plans that are subscribed to another facility.
  5. Change: Added support for carrier specific posting adjustment code rules. These rules take priority over adjustment code rules that apply to any carrier.
  6. Change: Added registry settings allowing for disabling services for individual facilities within a shared GoRev server.
  7. Fixed: verbiage on the Enable and Disable Patient Billing buttons on Patient Financials.
  8. Bug Fix: The authorization management screen correctly displays.
  9. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing worksheets to not be editable from the Reporting screen when viewing the contents of a bucket (New, Complete, etc.) instead of viewing the All bucket.

GoRev Version 2020.04.13| Date : 04/14/2020

  1. Change: Added GurantorLastName as an available field in the statement generator. This field is linked with GuarantorName and will be either the guarantor information in GoRev or the patient information when the guarantor is not provided.
  2. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing the Accept Assignment code settings on carriers and plans to not automatically sync to subscribed facilities.
  3. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing charges that don't have revenue codes directly listed to not be able to be posted to within the line item posting module.
  4. Bug Fix: Insurance information now populates when checking patients in from online portal registrations.
  5. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing international addresses to fail to save.
  6. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing various grids throughout GoRev to incorrectly color rows with data is sorted by clicking on a column header.
  7. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing user performance data to export as a blank worksheet to Excel.
  8. Bug Fix: Make active buttons in the Payer grid on the workflow form now work correctly.
  9. Bug Fix: Fixed a visual issue with statement designs causing the upper elements to overlap the dotted “Cut here” line.
  10. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with data not loading properly on grid click in the following forms: Chargemaster, CarrierManagement, PlanManagement
  11. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Waystar's version 2 API integrations (Pending resolution)
  12. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing the workflow screen to not load when accounts have insurance with no carrier.

GoRev Version 2020.03.25| Date : 03/31/2020

  1. Change: Increased the font size in the Bulk Posting, Line Item Posting and Report View grids.
  2. Change: Increased the font size on the comment feeds.
  3. Change: Added a new Patient First Letter field to print services that can be utilized in place of the first name in layouts to prevent small text when patients have long names.
  4. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing the change password panel to not become visible on the user preferences screen.
  5. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue in the Posting Workflow Importer that caused incorrect PDF documents to be attached to electronic remits on inbound FTP workflow items.

GoRev Version 2020.03.16| Date : 03/17/2020

  1. Change: Notes between Professional and Institutional facilities can now be shown on both sides with a registry setting. “MasterFacility”,“ProFacility”
  2. Change: Time Block Added an automated PtResp writeoff process at a configurable statement cycle.
  3. Change: Create central Waystar SFTP interaction point in ThunderPunch to allow for throttling of connections.
  4. Change: Update Waystar web services integration for the upcoming changes.
  5. Change: Added support for Posting Code Rules that allow for automating adjustment code changes on electronic remits.
  6. Change: The coding screen's save logic has been altered to be more verbal about when data could not be saved due to an impassable error. These errors will need to be corrected immediately in order to save the coding data.
  7. Bug Fix: Key presses on Reports no longer incorrectly modify the breadcrumb trail.
  8. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Insurance Group Management causing local blank records to overshadow public records with valid data.

GoRev Version 2020.02.19.1090| Date : 02/20/2020

  1. BugFix: Fixed a permissions issue allowing unintended access to Patient Financials.
  2. BugFix: Fixed an issue with bar codes on patient labels printed via Dymo printers.
  3. BugFix: Fixed an issue causing the banner on Home to continue showing “Login - GoRev” after automatically reconnecting due to a connection failure.
  4. BugFix: Fixed an issue causing the MatchCarriersToPayers maintenance task to reprocess all insurance records due to rogue insurance records that had a blank financial class.
  5. Change: Removed the legacy print services laboratory result data feed and replaced it with the visual result design-based generator. This will make custom printed documents and outbound HL7 feeds match more closely to the visual results generated by GoRev.
  6. Change: Added >=, ⇐ modifiers to the laboratory resulting module.

GoRev Version 2020.02.05.1080| Date : 02/05/2020

  1. Change: Added support for switching between SFTP clients via the ChSftpClient registry setting. Different clients will be used for compatibility with clearinghouse servers.
  2. Change: Added the default location name to the banner on the home screen.
  3. Change: Added an exclusion to a result hold rule (Result held for regeneration) when results are uploaded by users and not generated by GoRev.
  4. Change: Added support for enabling the create appointment functionality on stat check in via the NewVisitShowAppointmentOnStatCheckIn registry key.
  5. Change: Added support for Inpatient and Outpatient state reporting for the Oklahoma State Department of Health.
  6. Change: Added support for custom report configuration sources and centralized management of reports.
  7. Change: Added support for database synchronization tasks.
  8. BugFix: Fixed an issue in reports where graphs from previous reports would remain visible when a report failed to execute on the server.
  9. BugFix: Child accounts will no longer become stuck and unable to drop to a statement batch. Linked accounts will now queue the master account's MRN instead of the child account when operating in MRN level statement mode.
  10. BugFix: Fixed a compatibility issue with the patient discharge emails interface.
  11. BugFix: Fixed an issue with bar codes on patient labels printed via Dymo printers.

GoRev Version 2020.01.21.1072| Date : 01/22/2020

  1. BugFix: Fixed an issue preventing new insurance group information to be saved to CIGM.
  2. BugFix: Fixed an issue causing carrier to not automatically fill in when searching for and selecting a plan to automatically enter insurance information.
  3. BugFix: Fixed an issue causing HL7 Endpoints to be unable to deliver messages to XML interfaces on the server side.

GoRev Version 2020.01.10.1069| Date : 01/21/2020

  1. Change: Follow Up Denial Management Features
  2. Change: Added support for linking UPC and other external product barcodes to charges within the Chargemaster and to scan those product barcodes in Charging.
  3. Bug Fix: The Follow Up Claim Timeline will no longer report the statement balance as rejected before it has been approved.

GoRev Version 2020.01.03.1064| Date : 01/07/2020

  1. Change: Added support for inserting additional templates into the statement designs at specified page numbers.
  2. Change: Added support for XX3 claim type codes by utilizing an Interim Coding Approved status.
  3. Change: Added the ability to bulk apply Follow Up Statuses from the Line Item and Bulk Posting screens.
  4. Change: Added support for importing PDFs along side EDI files on the Waystar FTP when importing remits.
  5. Change: Added a new report filter parameter type of Dropdown. This type supports a static list of choices that is configured in the parameter's Options array value.
  6. Change: Removed the Insurance Balance restriction from the AdmitDate column on follow up reports. This will cause this column to appear for all views.
  7. Change: Added the ability to alter extensions on uploaded files via the Rename function on Patient Overview.
  8. Change: Removed local time zone translation from the GoRev client. All times will now be displayed in the facility's configured time zone.
  9. Change: Added a VisitAdjustment flat data interface that allows for importing itemized adjustment codes onto payments.
  10. Change: Added a VisitRemark flat data interface that allows for importing remark codes on payments.
  11. Change: Added support for mapping linking payments to charges when importing payments via the Flat Data Interfaces.
  12. Change: Added a registry setting (StatementAutoApprovalAdmitFloor) to allow for enabling statement auto approval only after a specified date.
  13. Bug Fix: Print services will now return the child account's MRN when generating documents for accounts that have been linked.

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