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 Please see the sections below for more information about each version of GoRev and the included changes. Please see the sections below for more information about each version of GoRev and the included changes.
 +===== GoRev Version 2020.07.06| Date  : 07/07/2020  =====
 +== GoRev ==
 +      - Feature: Digital registration forms now support drop down boxes
 +      - Feature: Added support for multi-line text fields in digital registration.
 +      - Feature:[[public:gorev:changelog:2020.07.06 :Added Emergency Contact to the New Visit process.]]
 +      - Change: [[public:gorev:changelog:2020.07.06 :Clients can now self service and obtain each of their locations portal pre-registration links]]
 +      - Change: [[public:gorev:changelog:2020.07.06 :Online Registrations and Recently Opened panes have swapped positions on the home page.]]
 +      - Change: [[public:gorev:changelog:2020.07.06 :Primary Care Physician can now be stored in demographics within Patient Overview.]]
 +      - Change: Added support for the arrow keys in the digital registration designer to position and resize the active control.
 +      - Change: Added additional text sizing modes to digital registration documents to support a wider range of situations.
 +      - Change: Added support for swapping the PDF in a form in the digital registration editor.
 +      - Change: Added expanded support for print services fields importing from digital registrations.
 +      - Change: SMS Text registration page lets you re-use the link and register again under a different email address.  The link should "expire" after use.
 +      - Bug Fix:CPT descriptions in the coding window were being populated solely based upon a CPT match into the charge master.  This caused the wrong descriptions to populate for items like J3490 where multiple CDM's use this particular CPT.   This logic was changed to pull from the charge master based on a CDM link.  This bug did not impact charge capture as all charging was based upon CDM links.
 +      - Bug Fix: The background can no longer be selected (turning the entire document blue) when signing a digital document.
 +      - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with the WorkflowNotes flat data interface that causes it to fail when sending notifications to patients from a background maintenance task.
 +      - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing the "Portal Account Already Exists" notification to not show for users when using the Create Portal Account on Patient Overview.
 +      - New Report: [[public:gorev:changelog:2020.07.06 :Added the followup analysis report.  This report provides a summary statistical view of financials, number of actions, average number actions per visit by various GoRev status fields.]]
 ===== GoRev Version 2020.06.18.2| Date  : 06/23/2020  ===== ===== GoRev Version 2020.06.18.2| Date  : 06/23/2020  =====
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