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 **__FDA Service Code__** **__FDA Service Code__**
 +Some medical devices require an FDA classification code be submitted along with the charge on a claim. ​ You can search for FDA service codes [[https://​​scripts/​cdrh/​cfdocs/​cfPCD/​PCDSimpleSearch.cfm|here]].
 +This field is where you set the charge amount for this item.
 +**__Effective Date__**
 +This is the date of service start date for which the price you have set is effective. ​ For example, if I set 9/1/2019 as the effective date then any claims with a date of service before 9/1/2019 will use the previous price or if no previous price is available you will not be able to use this charge on the claim.
 +**__Self Pay Rate__**
 +This field allows you to set a self pay (uninsured patient) rate.  This rate can be used to automate adjusting down charges to the self pay rate and then automatically generating a patient statement (electronic or paper)
 +**__National Drug Code__**
 +This is the field for the NDC code relative to the charge master item you have created. ​ Please note, you do not have to fill out this code as the coder can specify it manually when coding. ​ If you do fill out this field it will be automatically set whenever a charge is added into financials or coded.
 +**__CMS Facility & Non Facility Rates__**
 +These are system fields used to store medicare rates for specific items.
 +**__Ask for Quantity on Scan__**
 +If you use the bar code charge capture module this setting will force the person scanning to enter in a quantity every time
 +**__Not Billable__**
 +Checking this box will set the charge item to a non-billable status. ​ This means whenever the item is coded/​charged it will not be generated onto claims and will not impact any financial values. ​ This is typically used to track non-billable supplies or other administrative items.
 +This box is checked on by default indicating the charge is active. ​ Unchecking this box will make the charge item no longer usable or searchable within Financials or coding.
 +**__Do Not Mirror__**
 +If you have setup a GoRev Charge Master sync between GoRev facilities then this setting can be useful. ​ When checked, it tells the system to NOT synchronize the charge to any connected facilities.
 +**__Flat Rate__**
 +**__Disabled After__**
 +Setting a date value here is similar to unchecking the Active box but instead the charge is still searchable and usable on any case with a date of service BEFORE the Disabled after date.
 +The charge items description
 +**__Use Description on Claim__**
 +When checked the system will send this description (as opposed to the standard CPT description) onto the claim. ​ This is very useful for things like J3490 Unclassified drugs where you must have a detailed description sent on the claim in order to get paid.
 +**__Statement Description__**
 +Not required, but when set this description overrides the main description field when charge details are included on patient statements. ​ Can be used to simplify descriptions to a more patient friendly set of verbiage.
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