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-===== GoRev Charge Capture Guide =====+===== GoRev Patient Financials Guide =====
 This page will describe the process of charging patients for consumables and procedures. This page will describe the process of charging patients for consumables and procedures.
-===== Getting to the charge capture screen =====+===== Getting to the Patient Financial screen =====
-You can easily enter the Charges screen from the main screen of GoRev(top picture) or from the patient overview screen(bottom picture)+open the patient you want to add charges to
-{{:public:gorev:charges2.png|}}+click on **Financials** 
-===== Charge screen overview =====+{{:public:gorev:charge2.png|}}
-Once you have opened the charge screen you will see the window shown below. From here you can jump to patient overview or search for patients and charge items, among other things. For a more in-depth breakdown of this section go [here]. +===== Patient Financial screen overview =====
- +
-===== Two States of the charge capture screen ===== +
- +
- +
-If the screen is red as shown below it indicates you have one of the text boxes selected; either Visit Date or Name.  Click off of these boxes and the screen will turn green. Ensure the screen is green before moving on to step 1. +
- +
-RED: +
-{{:public:gorev:chargingredscreen.png|}} +
- +
-{{:public:gorev:charginggreenscreen.png|}} +
- +
-===== Step 1 Select A Patient ===== +
- +
- +
-There are two ways to select a patient. +
- +
-1.  Select a Visit Date (note current day is selected by default) then either select the first letter of the patient's last name or type the patient's name in the Name field.  Once you see your patient in the list double-click it to select it. +
- +
-2.  Scan the patients visit barcode (printed when you selected label sheet during the registration process).  NOTE the screen must be green in order for this scan to work. +
- +
-You will know you have successfully selected a patient because their name will populate towards the center top left(in this case our patient is "test, test")+
 +The Patient Financial Screen will look as such
 ===== Step 2 Enter Charges ===== ===== Step 2 Enter Charges =====
 +Search for the Charge you want to add and click on it
-There are two ways to enter charges.+{{:public:gorev:charge4.png|}}
-1. The easiest way is by using a scanner and simply scanning charge bar codes in your master charge sheet binders.  Charge binders can be set up for you before you open.+Click on **Add Charge**
-2.  Click the "Add Charge" button towards the bottom left to add charges.+{{:public:gorev:charge5.png|}}
 +===== How to remove a charge =====
-===== How to remove a charge =====+right click on the charge you want to remove
-Simply click the red "Remove" button next to the charge and it will go away. To delete a diagnosis click the "x" and click "yes" to the prompt(shown below) asking if you are sure you would like to remove the charge.+{{:public:gorev:charges6.png|}}
-{{:public:gorev:deletechargecode.png|}}+click on **Reverse Charge(s)**
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