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-===== GoRev Coding Module ===== 
-This page will describe all of the features of the GoRev Coding module  To launch the coding module click on the  +===============GoRev Coding Tutorial ============== 
-{{:public:gorev:bubble_32x32.png|}} button from the main screen.+Welcome to the **GoRev Coding Tutorial**In this tutorial, we will focus on the process of navigating the **Coding** module in GoRev
 +**Note:** If you need assistance with a particular portion of this tutorial, please use the **Table of Contents** on the left hand side of this screen to navigate to the topic that you require. 
-===== GoRev Main Screen ===== +====== 1 : Begin Navigating to the Coding Module ====== 
-----+As a GoRev user, the **Coding** module will allow you to complete the **Coding** process for **Patient Accounts** in preparation for their **Batching**. To begin, click on the **"Coding"** button present in the GoRev Homepage toolbar.
-You should now see the below screen.+{{:public:gorev:step_1_boxed_coding_button.png?800|}}
-{{:public:gorev:reportsandworkflows.png|}}+====== 2 Navigating & Understanding the Coding Buckets ====== 
 +At this point, the **Coding Buckets** should, now, be visible. In GoRev, Patient Accounts are sorted into **Coding Buckets**, which categorize Patient Accounts by their **Coding Statuses**. For instance, if the **Coding Status** for a Patient Account is set to **Deficient Medical Records**, then the account would be present in the **Deficient Medical Records Coding Bucket**
-Click on a tile to enter into the specific coding bucket.+{{:public:gorev:step_2_deficient_medical_records_boxed.png?800|}}
 +In the GoRev **Coding Buckets**, the list of **Coding Buckets** available to you are unique to your GoRev Facility. However, below is a list of common **GoRev Coding Buckets** and their definitions:
-===== GoRev Coding Bucket Definitions ===== +==== Coding Bucket Definitions ==== 
----- +----- 
-  -** Coding Complete** This bucket will hold all accounts that have completed the coding process and have generated a claim +^Icon^Coding Bucket Name^Coding Bucket Description^ 
-  - **Coding Approved**:  This bucket will hold all accounts where coding has been completed and the claims are ready to drop Once a batch is dropped these accounts will automatically be sent to the Coding Complete bucket+| {{ :public:gorev:ready_for_coding.png?80 |}}| Ready for Coding |Coding Bucket containing all Patient Accounts that are ready to be Coded by the user. Patient Accounts can either be automatically identified as Ready for Coding by the GoRev system or manually identified as Ready for Coding by the user.| 
-  - **System Import** This bucket holds all accounts that have been imported automatically.  For example, if a claim exists on the facility side it will be created on the pro side and placed in this bucket+| {{ :public:gorev:coding_approved.png?80 |}} | Coding Approved | Coding Bucket containing all Patient Accounts that have completed the Coding Process and the Claims are ready to be Batched. Once a Claim Batch is dropped, the Patient Accounts in this Coding Bucket will automatically be sent to the **Coding Complete Bucket**| 
-  - **Deficient Medical Records** Accounts must be placed into this bucket manually when a user identifies either missing medical record or a record that has a partial deficiency (missing T-Sheet, IV start stop times missing, etc) +| {{ :public:gorev:coding_complete.png?80 |}} | Coding Complete | Coding Bucket containing all Patient Accounts that have completed both the Coding and the Claim Generation processes | 
-  -** Missing Primary Insurance**: This bucket holds all accounts that have already been coded but when the system tried to generate a claim there was no primary insurance listed  A user must add the primary insurance and move the accounts in this bucket to Coding Approved+| {{ :public:gorev:completed.png?80 |}} | Completed | | 
-  - **HOLD**:  All accounts in this bucket have been set to hold status either by a user or the system  Claims that would create a duplicate could be placed here.   Claims where coder needs to save temporarily may be saved here A biller should audit this bucket once a week to ensure claims that can be billed are placed into coding approved. +| {{ :public:gorev:needs_review.png?80 |}} | Needs Review |  
-  - **Error**:  Any claim within this bucket has a severe system error.   GoRev support team will audit this bucket daily to identify what bug caused the error. +| {{ :public:gorev:pending_medical_records.png?80 |}} | Pending Medical Records |Coding Bucket containing all Patient Accounts that are not Ready for Coding due to Pending Medical Records | 
-  - **Ready for Coding**:  This bucket contains any accounts either the system has identified are ready for coding or a user has identified.+| {{ :public:gorev:pending_charge_entry.png?80 |}} | Pending Charge Entry | | 
 +| {{ :public:gorev:deficient_medical_records.png?80 |}}| Deficient Medical Records | Coding Bucket containing all Patient Accounts that the user has manually identified as either missing medical record or having medical record with a partial deficiency, such as a missing T-Sheet or a missing IV Start Time.| 
 +| {{ :public:gorev:transfer.png?80 |}}| Transfer | | 
 +| {{ :public:gorev:inpatient.png?80 |}} | Inpatient | Coding Bucket containing all Patient Accounts that are classified as Inpatient Claims | 
 +| {{ :public:gorev:error.png?80 |}} | Error | Coding Bucket containing all Patient Accounts that the GoRev System has identified as having an **Error** in the Coding process that will prevent the Claim from entering the Coding Approved Bucket and being subsequently Batched.| 
 +| {{ :public:gorev:missing_primary_insurance.png?80 |}} | Missing Primary Insurance | Coding Bucket containing all Patient Accounts that have completed the coding process. However, when the GoRev System attempted to generate a Claim, the system found the Primary Insurance information to be missingFor Patient Accounts in this Coding Bucket, the user must add the Primary Insurance information to the account and then manually move the accounts to the **Coding Approved Bucket**.|  
 +| {{ :public:gorev:system_import.png?80 |}} | System Import | Coding Bucket containing all Patient Accounts that have been imported automatically. For example, if a Facility Claim exists, a Pro Claim will be created automatically and placed in this bucket.| 
 +| {{ :public:gorev:hold.png?80 |}} | Hold | Coding Bucket containing all Patient Accounts that would lead to a duplicate Claim and any Claim that Coder needs to temporarily save. We recommend that Billers should audit this Coding Bucket weekly to ensure that any Claims that can be Billed are placed into Coding Approved by the user.|
 +====== 3 : Entering a Coding Bucket ======
 +Once you have determined which coding bucket you require, please enter the **Coding Bucket** by clicking on the corresponding tile in the **Coding Buckets** window. 
-===== GoRev Coding Process ===== +{{:public:gorev:step_3_part_1_select_a_tile.png?800|}}
-The following will describe the actual coding process+**Note:** While many **Coding Bucket** tiles will take you directly to the **Coding** window, some **Coding Bucket** tiles will prompt you to select additional Patient Account filters. In this instance, please select the filter(s) that you require by clicking on the corresponding filter tiles provided. 
-Step 1.  Once you have entered one of the coding buckets you should see the below screen:+{{:public:gorev:step_3_part_2_filter_highlighted.png?800|}}
-{{:public:gorev:codingbuckets.png|}}+====== 4 Selecting a Patient Account to Code ====== 
 +After selecting the filter(s) that you require, the selected **Coding Bucket** will be visible. In order to begin **Coding** a Patient Account, please click on the corresponding Patient Account from the list in this window
-Step 2.  Double click on the line you would like to start coding and the below screen will appear.+{{:public:gorev:step_4_part_1_select_the_patient_account_for_coding.png?800|}}
-{{:public:gorev:codingscreen.png|}}+If you have difficulty locating the Patient Account that you require, please utilize the **Search** box in this window to aid in your search
-This window contains the following features: +{{:public:gorev:step_4_part_2_utilize_the_search_field.png?800|}}
-  - You can double click on any of the files in the Files section to open medical records +
-  - All current charges are listed in the Charges section just below this +
-  - Account notes are also visible towards the bottom right +
-  - Patient visit details are automatically populated towards the top left+
-Step 3.  Start adding diagnosis codes +==========5: Patient Overview Coding Module Access===============
-Open the medical records from the file section.  Start by adding diagnosis codes to the DX section as shown below. As you type more boxes will appear for additional sub diagnoses.+
-{{:public:gorev:dx.png|}}+**Note:** In addition to the GoRev Homepage toolbar, you may, also, access the **Coding** module for a known Patient Account in the account's **Patient Overview** window by clicking on the **"Coding"** button in the window's toolbar.
-Step 4. Add CPT procedure codes 
-Add each CPT procedure code to the CPT section shown below  Additional boxes will appear as you add codes +{{:public:gorev:step_5_note_coding_button_in_patient_overview.png?800|}} 
 +====== 6 : Navigating & Understanding the Coding Module Sections====== 
 +At this point, the **Coding** module for the selected Patient Account will be present on your screen. The **Coding Module** is made up of 8 major sections titled **"Patient"**, **"Visit"**, **"Place of Origin"**, **"Diagnoses"**, **"CPTs"**, **"Procedures"**, **"Files"**, and **"Account Notes"**
-{{:public:gorev:cpt.png|}}+==== Patient ==== 
 +The **"Patient"** section of this window contains the Patient's **Name**, **Date of Birth**, and **Gender**, which will be auto-filled using the information on the Patient's Account
-Once done click save.  **IMPORTANT**Be sure to always check the charges area as you are coding.  You do not need to add these CPTs to the case as they have already been charged by the front end.  A couple important things to keep in mind. +{{:public:gorev:step_6_part_1_patient_section.png?800|}}
-  - If you find the CPT code charged by the front end is not the correct code you will need to reverse this code in the patient financials section and add the correct code to the CPT coding area here. +
-  - If you need to add more than one of the same CPT code you MUST use modifiers or else the system will only add the code once to the charges. +
-  - If you accidentally code a CPT that has already been charged the system will ignore your code and automatically combine it with the charge on the account.+
-Step 5 Change the coding status to coding approved  as shown below:+==== Visit ==== 
 +In the **Coding Module**, the **Visit** section is comprised of two sections titled **"Account"** and **"Insurance"**First, the **"Account"** section contains a myriad of **Patient Visit Information** that is relevant to the **Coding** process. 
-Stpe 6.  Click save as shown below.+Second, the **"Insurance"** section of the **"Visit"** area contains the **Patient's Insurance** information that is on file in GoRev for this **Patient Visit**
 +**Note**: If the **Patient Visit** was **Inpatient**, please utilize the **"Inpatient Visit"** checkbox in this section to make this distinction.  
 +==== Place of Origin ==== 
 +In the **Coding Module**, the **"Place of Origin"** section contains the Patient's **"Point of Origin for Visit or Admission"** and **"Priority (Type) of Visit or Admission"**.  
 +==== Diagnoses ====  
 +However, the **"Diagnoses"** section of the **Coding Module** is the section where you will enter the Patient's **Diagnoses Codes** for this Visit/Admission.  
 +==== CPTs ==== 
 +Additionally, in the **Coding Module**, the **"CPTs"** section is the area where you will enter the Patient's **CPT Procedure Codes** for this Visit/Admission.  
 +**Note:** In the event that you are having difficulty locating a **CPT** code from the entered list, please utilize the **Search** field in this area to aid in your search.  
 +==== Procedures ==== 
 +In the **Coding Module**, the **"Procedures"** section is the area where you will enter the Patient's **Procedure Codes** for this Admission. 
 +**Note:** The **Procedures** section of the **Coding Module** will only be present if the **Inpatient** checkbox in the **Visit** section is checked, as **Procedure Codes** are only applicable to **Inpatient Claims**.  
 +==== Files ==== 
 +The **"File"** section of the **Coding Module** contains any **Patient File** that has been uploaded to the Patient's Account since its creation in GoRev.  
 +==== Account Notes ==== 
 +Lastly, in the **Coding Module**, the **"Account Notes"** section contains all of the **Notes** for this Patient Account.  
 +========== 7: Navigating & Understanding the Coding Module Toolbar =============== 
 +In addition to the 8 major sections of the **Coding Module**, this window, also, contains 14 Ribbon Tools in the **Coding** toolbar.  
 +==== Save ==== 
 +First, the **"Save"** icon in the toolbar will allow you to **Save** the **Coding** information for the selected Patient Account.  
 +==== Coding Sets ==== 
 +Second, the **"Coding Sets"** button in the toolbar will allow you to select which **Coding Set(s)** that you require for this Patient Account.  
 +==== Quick Status ==== 
 +Third, the **"Quick Status"** drop-down in the toolbar will allow you to quickly change the **Coding Status** of this Patient Account.  
 +==== Overview, Financials, Workflow, & Charging ==== 
 +Additionally, the **Coding Toolbar** contains **"Overview"**, **"Financials"**, **"Workflow"**, and **"Charging"** buttons, which will allow you to navigate to the account's **Patient Overview** window, **Financials** window, **Workflow** window, and **Charging** window, respectively.  
 +==== Anesthesia ==== 
 +In the **Coding** toolbar, the **"Anesthesia"** tool, if applicable, will allow you to access the **Anesthesia Module** for the Patient Account.  
 +==== Other Codes ==== 
 +The **"Other Codes"** menu in the **Coding** toolbar will allow you to add **"Condition Codes"**, **"Occurrence Codes"**, and **"Value Codes"** to the Patient Account.  
 +==== Go To ==== 
 +On the other hand, the **"Go To"** menu in the **Coding** toolbar will allow you to navigate to the **Diagnoses**, the **CPTs**, and the **Procedures** sections of the **Coding Module** by clicking on the corresponding options in this menu.  
 +Additionally, the **Go To** menu will allow you to **Comment** on the Patient Account, save the **Coding** for this account and go to the previous account in the **Coding Bucket**, save the **Coding** for this account and go to the next account in the **Coding Bucket**, and access the **Patient Encounter History** by clicking on the corresponding options provided.  
 +==== Coding History ==== 
 +In the **Coding Toolbar**, the **"Coding History"** button will allow you to view the **Coding History** with User information for the  Patient Account.  
 +==== Coding Ledger ==== 
 +The **"Coding Ledger"** button in the **Coding Toolbar** will allow you to view the **Coding** history for all of the Patient's Visits/Admissions. 
 +==== Zirmed History & EOB ==== 
 +Lastly, if applicable, the **Coding Toolbar** will allow you to view the **Claim's** **Zirmed History** and **Zirmed EOB** by clicking on the corresponding buttons in the toolbar.  
 +====== 8 : Coding a Patient Account ====== 
 +==== Step 1: Opening Medical Records ==== 
 +In order to start the **Coding** process for a Patient Account, first, begin by opening the **Medical Records** for this account by clicking on the corresponding file in the **File Management** area.  
 +==== Step 2: Adding Diagnosis Codes ==== 
 +Next, please enter the **Diagnosis Codes** for this Patient Account into the fields present in the **Diagnoses** section of this window.  
 +==== Step 3: Adding CPT Codes ==== 
 +Once you have entered the appropriate **Diagnosis Codes** for this Patient Account, please add the necessary **CPT Codes** to this account using the fields present in the **CPTs** section of this window. 
 +**Note:** As you are adding **CPT Codes** to the Patient Account, a new **CPT Code** box will appear each time you add a new **CPT Code**, ensuring that you will always have an available **CPT Code** box for entry of additional codes.   
 +==== Important Information on Coding in GoRev  ==== 
 +  * Please check the **Charging** module as you are **Coding** a Patient Account to ensure that **CPTs** already charged by the **Front End Staff** are not added to the **Claim** again during the **Coding** process.  
 +  * If you discover that a **CPT Code** charged by the **Front End Staff** is not the correct code, please reverse this **CPT Code** using the **Financials** module, and then add the correct **CPT Code** to the **CPTs** section of the **Coding** window.  
 +If you accidentally code a **CPT** that has already been charged to the account, the GoRev System will ignore your code and automatically combine it with the **Charge** on the Patient Account.  
 +  * If you need to add more than one of the same **CPT Code**, you must use **Modifiers** because failing to do so will cause the system to add the **CPT Code** to the **Charges** only once.  
 +==== Step 4: Adding CPT Codes ==== 
 +Once you are finished **Coding** the Patient Account, please set the **Coding Status** to **Coding Approved**. To begin, click on the **"Quick Status"** menu in the **Coding Toolbar**.  
 +Then, select the **"Coding Approved"** option from the list. 
 +==== Step 5: Finalizing the Coding Proccess ==== 
 +After changing the **Coding Status**, please finalize the **Coding** process by clicking on the **"Save"** button in the toolbar.  
 +====== Additional Resources ====== 
 +==== GoRev Support Team ==== 
 +If you have any questions, concerns, or problems regarding the **GoRev Coding** module, please contact the **GoRev Support Team** by submitting an **IT Support Ticket**, by phone at **1-(317)-794-3900**, and/or by email at **[[|]]**.  
 +**Note:** Always submit an **IT Support Ticket** detailing the problem that you are experiencing with this portion of GoRev, if possible, as this will give GoRev Support Agents access to information that will help expedite the resolution of your issue.  
 +If you are not sure how to submit an **IT Support Ticket** in GoRev, please see the [[public:gorev:itsupportticketcreation|GoRev IT Support Ticket Creation Tutorial]] for assistance.  
 +[[:public:GoRev:start|Back to GoRev Guides]]
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