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 __**Your Templates**__ __**Your Templates**__
 +This drop down will show all of the available templates for the facility that you are currently in. Don't see the template you are looking for? check to make sure you are in the correct facility
 __**Visible Fields**__ __**Visible Fields**__
 +Check as many or as few of these as you would like to show up on your template.
 __**Additional Options**__ __**Additional Options**__
 +Font Family/Size: Allows you to select among preset fonts and sizes for customization.
 +Row Height: This will determine the spacing between lines on your template.
 +Exclude Resource: This allows you to set which resources you want to show up when printing this template. WARNING: this option is to "Exclude" resources and not to include, anything you check will NOT show up on the template.
 {{:public:gorev:templates.png|}} {{:public:gorev:templates.png|}}
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