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GoRev Edit Order Guide

This Guide will help you navigate and use tools on the Edit Order Screen in GoRev.

1 : Getting Started

First lets navigate to Edit Order either by completing a New Order, Quick Order or by clicking Lab Modules selecting Orders then selecting a Order and then clicking Edit Order.

If you can not open GoRev or are having trouble Logging in please Click Here and review our Guide on Logging in.

2 : Sections

The Edit Orders Screen should now be visible. Lets start by looking at the sections on this screen.

1. Patient Information :
The Patient Information Section shows the selected Patients basic Information. Please Note this Information can not be Edited.
Learn more about Patient Information by clicking Here to view our Guide on the Patient Overview screen.

2. Order Information :
The Order Information Section allows us to confirm Date Ordered, Date in Transit and Order type. Now we can enter in any Prescribed Medications that are needed for this Patient, This field will auto-complete.
We can now enter ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes, The system will automatically populate the ICD-10 code that matches the ICD-9 code. We can also enter a External Specimen ID if needed.

3. Specimen Information :
The Specimen Information Section allows us to Edit and Confirm Specimen Information that is filled out by the system.

4. Additional Diagnoses :
The Additional Diagnoses Section allows us to Add any Additional Diagnoses in addition to the ICD Necessities.

5. Ordering Physician :
The Ordering Physician Section allows us to Edit, Add or Confirm the Ordering Physician. We can Search for a Physician by inputing the Physicians Name or NPI Number.

6. Save :
The Save Section is where we can Save the Order by either clicking Fill Order Later or Complete Order. We can Complete a Fill Order Later Order at anytime on the Order Workflow Screen.
To learn more about the Order Workflow Screen click Here to view our Guide on the Order Workflow Screen.

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