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 {{:​public:​gorev:​statementoptions2.png?​600|}} {{:​public:​gorev:​statementoptions2.png?​600|}}
 +===== Settings - Formatting Options =====
 +Settings in this area apply to all routes.
 +**Dunning Messages** These are the messages that change with each statement cycle. ​ Typically GoRev users set these in a way that the tone of the message gets more potent as cycles progress.
 +**Account Number Formatting** Checking either of these boxes will trigger the system to attempt to pull an external mrn or visit ID.  Useful in situations where you are interfacing patient data into GoRev and want to maintain the original system'​s identifiers
 +**Details** Settings in this section will impact what is on each statement template in the relevant sections. ​ For example, change payment website address and it will update the link on the rendered PDF statement and the field in the XML statement file for paper processing.
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