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GoRev Followup System

This guide will walk you through how to use the GoRev Followup system (updated to newest version in 2019.10.1008 and after)

To access this area in GoRev click on the Billing tab –> Followup and you will see the below window. The top tier of this system lets you filter workflows into 4 categories:

  1. Any Balances = Includes all accounts even one's that have zero balance
  2. Insurance Balances = All accounts where an insurance balance is present. This could also include accounts where both an insurance balance and patient balance exists.
  3. Patient Balances = All accounts where a patient balance is present. This could also include accounts where both a patient balance and insurance balance exists. This mode is set to an MRN level as in you will only see one row of data per patient instead of one row of data per claim.
  4. Zero Balances = All accounts where no patient balance or insurance balance exists. Useful for reviewing closed out accounts to audit for various issues

Insurance Balances Mode

When you click into this mode you will see tiles broken out by the carriers you have setup in your system:

When clicking into a specific carrier tile you will see 4 modes to work claims.

  1. By Age allows you to work claims in the traditional 0-30, 31-60, 61-90, etc age buckets. This is useful for working new claims and ensuring everything in your 0-30 bucket has been properly coded/filed. Many companies routinely work the 61-90 bucket as well to ensure no account slips through and becomes denied for timely filing.
  2. By Denial Category allows you to work denials that have been imported into GoRev either via a direct integration to Waystar or via line item posting being performed by your posting team. This is one of the most important modes to work and ensure no claims exist without followup.
  3. By Priority presents you with the top 200 accounts with the highest balance
  4. By Status presents you individual tiles set to your custom list of followup actions. This is useful to audit specific sets of accounts sitting in a specific followup status for example, Appeal COB.

Once you click into a final tier of a mode you will be presented with actual accounts to followup on. Simply click a row and click the workflow button to begin your workflow session on the account. One new feature was added that will now allow you to see all accounts that have a followup date set into the future. Simply click the Future button and the grid will reset to only show those accounts. Unclick it to revert back to showing only accounts where no followup has been performed or followup is past due.

New By User User Interface

When clicking into By User to review your own followup items you will now be presented with a listing of all status tiles with counts of how many exist in each. To get back to the list of ALL accounts attached to your name needing followup simply click the All Statuses tile.

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