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Installing the new GoRev Launcher

Step 1: Download the new GoRev package here:

Step 2: Install the new package and have a user logon. This forces the new package to pull the existing server settings from the old installation’s files.

Step 2a: You may run into a situation where the new installer was unable to pull settings files from the old installation. You will see an error message like the one below. In this situation, you will need to reapply the server’s settings by running the specific GoRev server configuration script. Please also know, whenever a new user is setup the system will automatically attach a copy of this script on the email sent or see below regarding how you can force it to send a new one to any user at any time.

Step 3: Uninstall the old GoRev installation package. Be sure to uninstall the correct one. You can see the new one has the actual purple icon (do not uninstall this one). Instead look for the one that has the old icon OR has the oldest installation date.

Using the new GoRev Launcher

The new GoRev Icon will look like this on the desktop

When it launches you will now see the below. A, click on the server you want to login to and B, click on Launch GoRev as soon as the button allows you to (after it has processed updates). If you want it to automatically launch GoRev after updates have processed check on the Launch GoRev automatically box.

Regenerating the GoRev Server Configuration Script

In GoRev go to Admin>Users and either right click and click send Invite or double click on the username and then click the Send Invite button. Please know, the GoRev Server Configuration script should be kept secure. You should not send this script to random users and instead should maintain access to it within your IT or authorized delegates.

Within a user:

Right click menu:

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