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-======Installing the new GoRev Launcher======+======GoRev Launcher Installation Tutorial ====== 
 +Welcome to the **GoRev Launcher Installation Tutorial**. In this tutorial, we will focus on the process of **Installing** the current **GoRev Launcher** on your device.  
 +**Note:** If you need assistance with a particular portion of this tutorial, please use the **Table of Contents** on the left hand side of this screen to navigate to the topic that you require. 
-Step 1: +====== 1 : Locating the GoRev Server Invitation Email ====== 
-Download the new GoRev package here: +As a new GoRev user, you will receive a **GoRev Server Invitation Email** at the **Email Address** on file for your GoRev Account.
-Step 2: 
-Install the new package and have a user logon.   This forces the new package to pull the existing server settings from the old installation’s files.    
-Step 2aYou may run into a situation where the new installer was unable to pull settings files from the old installation.  You will see an error message like the one below.  In this situation, you will need to reapply the server’settings by running the specific GoRev server configuration scriptPlease also know, whenever a new user is setup the system will automatically attach a copy of this script on the email sent or see below regarding how you can force it to send a new one to any user at any time.+**Note:** If you do not receive the **GoRev Server Invitation Email** at the **Email Address** you believe to be on file for your GoRev Account, please have your **Authorized Delegate** or **Facility'IT Team** verify that the email entered for your GoRev Account is accurateIf the email on file is accurate and the problem persists, please call **GoRev IT Support** at **1-(317)-794-3900** so that one of our Support Agents can further assist
-Step 3:  Uninstall the old GoRev installation package.  Be sure to uninstall the correct one  You can see the new one has the actual purple icon (do not uninstall this one).  Instead look for the one that has the old icon OR has the oldest installation date.+====== 3 : Running the GoRev Launcher Installer ====== 
 +After clicking on the **GoRev Installer Link**, a download bar for the **GoRev Launcher Installer** will appear on your screenTo continue, please click on the **"Run"** option in this bar
-{{:venture:gorev:gorev_support:launcheruninstall.jpg?400|}} +{{:public:gorev:step_3_click_on_run.png?900|}}
 +====== 4 : Navigating Windows Security Prompt ======
 +Upon running the **GoRev Launcher Installer**, a **Windows Protected Your PC** prompt may appear on your device. To continue, first, click on the **"More Info"** link in this window. 
-======Using the new GoRev Launcher======+{{:public:gorev:step_4_part_1_click_on_more_info.png?900|}}
-The new GoRev Icon will look like this on the desktop+Next, click on the **"Run Anyway"** option provided. 
-{{:venture:gorev:gorev_support:launchericon.png|}} +{{:public:gorev:step_4_part_2_click_on_run_anyway.png?900|}}
- +
-When it launches you will now see the below.   +**Note"** If a different **Windows Security** prompt appears on your screenplease select the option that enables the **GoRev Launcher Installer** to run
-**A**, click on the server you want to login to and **B**, click on Launch GoRev as soon as the button allows you to (after it has processed updates).  If you want it to automatically launch GoRev after updates have processed check on the Launch GoRev automatically box.+
-{{:venture:gorev:gorev_support:launcherscreen.png?400|}} +====== 5 Beginning the GoRev Setup Wizard ====== 
 +At this point, the **GoRev Setup Wizard** will be visible. To continue, please click **"Next"**
-======Regenerating the GoRev Server Configuration Script======+====== 6 : Navigating the Select Installation Folder Window ====== 
 +Once the "Select Installation Folder" window appears on your device, please continue the **GoRev Launcher Installation** process by clicking **"Next"**. 
-In GoRev go to Admin>Users and either right click and click send Invite or double click on the username and then click the Send Invite button.  Please know, the GoRev Server Configuration script should be kept secure.  You should not send this script to random users and instead should maintain access to it within your IT or authorized delegates.+{{:public:gorev:step_6_part_1_click_next_to_continue_installing.png?900|}}
-Within user:+**Note:** Please do not utilize the **"Browse"** button in this window, as changing the location of **GoRev** on your computer will prevent GoRev from installing correctly. 
 +====== 7 : Navigating the Ready to Install Window ====== 
 +After the "Ready to Install" window becomes visible, click on the **Install** button in this window.  
 +**Note:** Upon clicking the **Install** button, **User Account Control** window may appear on your device. Please click **Yes** to continue installing GoRev Launcher on your device.  
 +====== 8 : Loading the Installing GoRev Status Bar ====== 
 +Once the **Installing GoRev** window becomes visible, please allow the **Status Bar** to load to completion. 
 +====== 9 : Finalizing the GoRev Launcher Installation ====== 
 +Now, click the **Finish** button to finalize the **GoRev Launcher** installation process. 
 +At this point, the **GoRev Launcher** icon will be present on your home screen. 
 +====== 10 : Downloading the Server File ====== 
 +In order to successfully utilize GoRev, you will also need to download the **Server** file. To begin, navigate to the **GoRev Server Invitation** email and click on the attached file present on your screen.  
 +Once the Drop Down menu becomes visible, select the **Open** button in this window.  
 +====== 12 Resolving the No Servers Available Error ====== 
 +In the instance that you receive the, **"No Servers Available Error"**, it is likely that the server installation was not installed. In this situation, please return to the **GoRev Server Invitation** email and download the Server Attachment detailed in the steps above. 
 +**Note:** If you have **GoRev.exe** installed on your device, this may prevent **GoRev Launcher** from utilizing the new server file. Please follow the steps above and re-install the server file.  
 +====== 13 : Uninstalling GoRev.exe ======
 +Now, if you have previously downloaded **GoRev.exe**, please navigate to and uninstall **GoRev.exe**. To begin, navigate to the **Apps and Features** section on your device. 
 +Next, select the **GoRev icon** with the oldest installation date.
 +At this point, click the **Uninstall** button to uninstall GoRev.exe. 
 +======Using the new GoRev Launcher======
-Right click menu: 
 +====== Additional Resources ======
 +==== GoRev Support Team ====
 +If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the **GoRev Launcher Installation Process**, please contact the **GoRev Support Team** by phone at **1-(317)-794-3900** or by email at **[[|]]**
 +[[:public:GoRev:start|Back to GoRev Guides]]
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