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GoRev IT Support Ticket Creation Tutorial

Welcome to the GoRev IT Support Ticket Creation Tutorial. In this tutorial, we will focus on the process of Creating an IT Support Ticket in GoRev.

1 : Navigating to the New Ticket Window

If you encounter any technical difficulties while using GoRev, please create an IT Support Ticket so that the issue can be resolved. In order to create an IT Support Ticket, first, begin by clicking on the “New Ticket” button present in the toolbar on your GoRev Homepage.

2 : Entering a Ticket Subject

Once the New Ticket window appears on your device, please enter a Subject Title for your problem into the “Subject” field in this window.

3 : Entering a Ticket Description

Next, please enter a Description of your problem into the corresponding field provided.

In your description, please include the Location of the Issue in GoRev, the Nature of the Issue, and any other information you believe to be relevant to the situation.

4 : Attaching a File to the IT Support Ticket

Now, in the event that you would like to attach a file to the IT Support Ticket, please use the “Attach File” button present in the New Ticket window to complete this task.

5 : Issue Preventing Work

Additionally, if the problem you are experiencing prevents you from working, please click on the “This Issue Blocks Work” box present on your screen.

6 : Defining Your Preferred Contact Method

Next, please specify your Preferred Contact Method by selecting the “Email” or “Text Message” option present in the bottom left corner of the New Ticket window.

After you have submitted your IT Support Ticket, the GoRev Support Team will contact you via your Preferred Contact Method.

7 : IT Support Ticket Submission

Once you have selected your Preferred Contact Method, please submit your IT Support Ticket by clicking on the “Create Ticket” button present on your screen.

If you are a GoRev Administrator creating an IT Support Ticket for another GoRev User, please enter the individual’s GoRev Username into the Create for User field in this window prior to submitting your IT Support Ticket.

8 : Contacting the GoRev Support Team

Finally, if you checked the “This Issue Blocks Work” box while creating your IT Support Ticket, please contact the GoRev Support Team at (1-(832)-658-2209) immediately after submitting your IT Support Ticket so that our Support Agents can resolve your problem quickly.

9 : GoRev IT Support Ticket Division Hours

Please note that IT Support Tickets submitted using the New Ticket window are addressed Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.

If you require immediate assistance, please contact our 24/7 GoRev Support Team at (1-(832)-658-2209).

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