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GoRev Portal Scheduling Integration

This system will integrate your online pre-registration links to a specified room within your actual GoRev schedule. You can specify start and stop of business hours, custom time slots, specify number of patients allowed per time slot, and then patients can self-service select slots to book their appointments.

In order to turn this component on you must submit a request to with the following information:

  • Location Name:
  • Open and Close time for Location:
  • Room Name:
  • Department(s) Room should be in:
  • Time Increment for appointment slots:
  • Number of Patients allowed per slot:
  • Service Type(s) this scheduling applies to:

Configuring A Scheduling Room in GoRev

This is where you will be able to configure your scheduling settings going forward.

In GoRev go to Scheduling and click the manage settings button as shown below:

Select the room you want to configure portal scheduling settings for and click the Online Registration Time Slots button

An Edit Time Slots window will appear, click on New

Configure your available time slots as needed according to the following settings:

Start/End Time: The time period patients can schedule appointments via the portal. They will not see available slots outside this time period.

Max Simultaneous: The number of patients you will allow to schedule into a single time slot. Once a time slot is full it will no longer be selectable by patients on the portal.

Weekday and Weekend checkboxes: Selecting a specific day will activate the time slots between your specified business hours. Any unchecked day will not be selectable by patients for online scheduled registration

Create Series: IMPORTANT - checking this box will generate the complete set of time slot increments between your start and stop times for any days you have selected. If you do not select this box the system will create one selectable time slot for the start/end time period specified on each day.

Interval: The time period for each time slot. Selecting 15 will create 4 time slots per hour patients can choose from.

Once you have your settings in place, click save.

You should now see the time slots have generated into the data grid. Each individual time slot is editable going forward.

To edit a specific time slot simply highlight it and click the edit button. You can also highlight multiple cells and delete at which point you can recreate them with new settings.

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