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GoRev Report Filters and Views

The following applies to any area in GoRev where a data grid is displayed such as Coding buckets, Followup buckets, Grades, and all Reports. These features were released in GoRev v2020.02.25.

Filtering single columns

Each column in GoRev can now be filtered similar to how you can filter a table in Excel. Click the filter icon towards the top right of any column to display filterable options. The filter options presented are dependant upon the type of data found in the column (date sort differently that strings or numbers).

Most filter options have two views; a direct values and a criteria view. This is the direct values view on a numeric column:

This is the criteria view on a numeric column

Re-ordering columns

Each column can now be re-ordered by simply clicking and holding then dragging and dropping the column into the new position. In the picture below it shows dragging the “Total Payments” column so that it is now moved one column to the left.

Resizing Columns

Each column can now be resized by clicking the line in between column names and dragging to the desired column size.

Saving all filter options into a personal View

Once you have all your filter options, column order, and column width settings as you like them you can save them into a permanent personal view by clicking the Filters button and then Save Layout.

Then name your view and click save

Now your view will be permanently saved onto this specific report and accessible for you by simply clicking back into Filters and clicking My Layouts

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