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GoRev Stat Check In Tutorial

Welcome to the GoRev Stat Check In Tutorial. In this tutorial, we will focus on the step-by-step instructions involved with the Stat Check-In of a Patient in GoRev.

1 : Beginning the Stat Check In Process

As a GoRev user, you will have the ability to quickly Check In Patients using the Stat Check In function. To begin, click on the “Stat Check In” button present in the Clinic Modules tab on the GoRev Homepage.

2 : Entering Patient Demographics

Once the “Patient Information” window appears on your screen, please enter the Patient’s Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and Social Security Number into the corresponding fields present in the Demographics area of this window.

If you are unable to obtain the Patient’s Social Security Number, please click on the “No SSN” checkbox in this area.

Additionally, in the event that you have difficulty locating a Patient that has been previously entered into the GoRev system, please utilize the “Advanced Search” function in the Demographics area to perform a more detailed search for the Patient.

3 : Entering Attending Physician Information

After the Patient Demographics fields have been filled, please enter the Attending Physician information for this Patient into the corresponding fields present in the Attending Physician area of this window.

If the Attending Physician is not in your system, please add the missing doctor to the system by utilizing the “Add Doctor” button in this area.

4 : Entering Patient Admission Information

Now, please enter the Patient’s Admission Information into the corresponding fields present in the Admission area on your screen.

5 : Navigating to the "Finalize Visit Creation" Window

Once you are satisfied with the Patient’s Demographics, Attending Physician, and Admission information that has been entered, click “Next”.

6 : Utilizing the Quick Payment Function

At this point, the “Finalize Visit Creation” window should, now, be visible. As a GoRev user, this window will allow you to record a Quick Payment for the Patient. To begin, please enter the appropriate monetary value into the “Payment Amount” field present in the Quick Payment area of the “Finalize Visit Creation” window.

After entering this information, please select the appropriate Payment Type from the drop-down menu present in this area to finalize the Quick Payment process.

7 : Uploading Patient Files

Now, in order to Upload Patient Files to the GoRev system, please click on the “Browse” button present in the Upload Files area of this window and upload the appropriate Patient File from your device.

8 : Locating the Newly Added Patient File

At this point, the Patient File to be Uploaded will be present in the “Pending Uploads” section of the Upload Files area.

9 : Removing a Patient File

Now, in the event that you need to Remove a Patient File from the “Pending Uploads” section, please begin by selecting the Patient File that you require from the list present on your screen.

After selecting the appropriate Patient File, please click on the “Remove” button present in the Upload Files area to finalize the removal process.

10 : Reviewing and Editing The Entered Information

Now, please review the entered information for accuracy. If any edits need to be made, please use the Back Arrow button in this window to complete any necessary edits to the entered information.

11 : Finishing The Stat Check-In Process

Once you are finished, click on the “Save Visit” button present in the bottom right corner of the “Finalize Visit Creation” window to complete the Stat Check In process. Once the visit is created the patient's contact, insurance, and worker's comp needs to be entered in the Patient Overview.

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GoRev Support Team

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the GoRev Stat Check In Process, please contact the GoRev Support Team at ( 1-(832)-658-2209 ).

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