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GoRev Statements Administrative Guide

This guide will help you maintain settings related to generation of patient statements within GoRev. You can access this area in GoRev by going to the Admin tab –> Click on the Configuration drop down –> Click on Statements –> Click on Statement Settings.

This settings module consists of four tabs; Statement Designs, Email statements, Statement Options and Formatting Options

Statement Designs

The GoRev development team will create custom statement templates for paper and email routes upon request. Once a template is created you can utilize it by setting it within this Statement Designs window.

The first two fields under the Designs header are your default templates. These will be utilized unless a payer specific template has been selected in the Carrier specific designs section.

In the Generation System section you can configure the statement generator to generate at an MRN level or visit level. MRN level means a patient will receive only one statement per cycle with all individual visits combined onto it. Visit level generates one statement for each patient visit.

Default delivery method allows you to specify if you want Email, SMS, or Paper to be the first route utilized to send a patient statement.

Email Statements

This section configures settings related to emailed statements (and as of 8/20/2019 SMS text as well although SMS will be broken out into its own tab soon)

In the Email Statement Settings section you can check on automated batching and set an interval in hours or the alternative is manual batching via the Billing –> Batching screen in GoRev.

The Attach PDF Version to Statement Emails is off by default. When it is off, patients receive a simple email containing no HIPAA content that directs them to logon to our secure patient portal to retrieve their statement. When checked on a copy of the patient's actual statement is attached in PDF format. This PDF does contain HIPAA content and you MUST have proper patient consent on file in order to communicate it digitally with the patient.

In the Twilio Settings section the GoRev team will populate a Twilio API key once you have executed proper agreements. The From address is the address emails will be sent from when being sent to the patient. The From Title is the subject line of the email.

In the Portal Settings section you can specify a web address for your online patient payment system. Note, if you choose to go with the integrated Salucro merchant services provider this setting will not be utilized.

Statement Options

This section has definitions next to each field. These settings allow you to customize specific fields that will be exported to the paper statement xml file or included with the digitally generated statements.

Formatting Options

This section will allows you to configure 3 of the key areas of a statement; Dunning messages, account numbering and statement body settings.

In the Formatting Options area you can specify up to 5 levels of dunning messages. These coincide with the Statement Timing settings you configured in the Statement Options section. For example, Dunning Message 1 will go out with First Statement.

In the Account Number Formatting section you can specify whether you want to use the GoRev assigned MRN and VisitIDs or use an external set of MRNs and VisitIDs. In order to utilize an external set of ID's GoRev IT must configure the proper data interfaces. Do not turn this setting on prior to this.

In the Details section you can specify your payment website address, the phone numbers patients should call to reach your billing department, and set an override on the service descriptions found in the body of the statements.

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