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-If you encounter system failure or security breach please contact GoRev support immediately at **1-(317)-794-3900**. +UNDER CONSTRUCTION 
 +====== GoRev System Failure and Security Breach Reporting Systems ====== 
 +Welcome to the **GoRev System Failure and Security Breach Reporting Systems** page. In this page, we will discuss the GoRev procedures for **System Failures** and **Security Breaches**.  
 +==== System Failures ==== 
 +A **System Failure** is considered any instance where you are unable to access the **GoRev System** because the system is down/experiencing an outage. If you experience **GoRev System Failure**, please call **GoRev Support** at **1-(317)-794-3900** immediately so that one of our **Support Agents** can begin troubleshooting the issue quickly.  
 +==== Security Breaches ==== 
 +If you experience **GoRev Security Breach**, please contact **GoRev Support** at **1-(317)-794-3900** immediately so that the proper steps can be taken quicklyAdditionally, if necessary, you may report **Security Breaches** via email by emailing **GoRev Support** at **[[|]]**.  
 +[[:public:GoRev:start|Back to GoRev]]\\ 
-Additionally, you may report issues by emailing **[[|]]**  
-For issues that are not immediate please use the GoRev Bug Report ticket system in GoRev. Here is a link to the guide for the Bug Reporting system  
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