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 ===== GoRev System Requirements ===== ===== GoRev System Requirements =====
-[[:public:GoRev:start|Back to GoRev]]\\ + 
-Each section below specified details about hardware as software as utilized by GoRev. You will noticed Recommended values and Required valuesPlease note that they Required Values are the absolute minimum that GoRev is capable of running on and the end-user experience may be less than ideal.+Welcome to the **GoRev System Requirements** pageOn this page, we will go over the **Required** and **Recommended** **Operating System (OS)/System Hardware** needed to run GoRev 
 +**Note**: **Required Values** listed on this page are the absolute **Minimum** required for the use of GoRev. However, a user with only the **Required** **Operating System** or **System Hardware** may have a less than ideal GoRev user experience 
 ===== GoRev OS Requirements ===== ===== GoRev OS Requirements =====
 +While many **Operating Systems** are **Supported** by GoRev, we suggest the use of **Recommended** **Operating Systems**, as the end-user experience will be optimized. 
 ^Operating System^Supported^Recommended^ ^Operating System^Supported^Recommended^
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 |Linux^No^ ^ |Linux^No^ ^
-*Note: Windows 10 is fully supported+
 ===== GoRev System Hardware Requirements ===== ===== GoRev System Hardware Requirements =====
-__Required Settings__ +====Required System Hardware Specifications==== 
-   -x86 Dual Core Processor (Intel or AMD) at 1.6 GHz or better +   -**Processor:** x86 Dual Core Processor (Intel or AMD) at 1.6 GHz **or Better** 
-   -512 megabytes of hard drive space +   -**Hard Drive Space: **512 megabytes of hard drive space 
-   -2 GB of Physical Memory (RAM)+   -**RAM:** 2 GB of Physical Memory (RAM)
-__Recommended Settings__ 
-   -x86 Dual Core Processor (Intel or AMD) at 3.0 GHz or better 
-   -512 megabytes of hard drive space 
-   -4 GB of Physical Memory (RAM) 
 +**Note:** Although GoRev will run on a device with the above **Required System Hardware Specifications**, we suggest the use of the below **Recommended System Hardware Specifications**, as they will ensure a positive GoRev experience. 
 +====Recommended System Hardware Specifications ====
 +   -**Processor:** x86 Dual Core Processor (Intel or AMD) at 3.0 GHz **or Better**
 +   -**Hard Drive Space:** 512 megabytes of Hard Drive space
 +   -**RAM:** 4 GB of Physical Memory (RAM)
 +[[:public:GoRev:start|Back to GoRev]]\\
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