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Texas State Reporting

In Texas we support submissions directly from GoRev into Texas' System 13 to satisfy THCIC filing requirements for hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and free standing emergency departments.

Hospitals (including Micro-Hospitals) will need to report both an outpatient and inpatient file:

ASC's will report a single outpatient file:

Free standing ER's will report a single outpatient file:

Free Standing ERs

Hospitals and ASCs have been reporting for many years and this section may not be new information for you. Free standing ER's were added to the list of entities required to submit THCIC data in HB2041 of the 86th legislative session. Free standing ER's must submit their first data file no later than March 31st, 2021 containing data for all patients seen during the 4th quarter of 2020.

THCIC has prepared a great set of FAQs for free standings to get up to speed on this process which can be found here:

THCIC Reporting Schedule

The official reporting schedule can be found here:

All reporting entities must submit data quarterly by the 1st day of the following quarter. THCIC will send you a certification file which must be reviewed and certified typically within 45 days of receipt.

Using GoRev to Generate your THCIC Files

Before you can generate files in GoRev you must submit a ticket to us with your THCIC System 13 identifiers; Submitter ID and THCIC Provider ID. The GoRev team will configure your reporting module and let you know it is ready for use.

To generate your outpatient and inpatient files navigate to the Billing Modules tab –> Batching –> Click on “Reporting” drop down –> Select inpatient or outpatient (or run one then run the other)

Next, specify the date of service range for the quarter you are submitting to THCIC System 13. Check validate and click preview.

The system will show you the message below and begin processing the state reporting batch. This typically takes less than 30 seconds but can take up to 5 minutes for higher volume locations.

Once the GoRev server is finished processing your reporting file it will be available for download as shown below.

From here you will take the file(s) and upload directly into THCIC's System 13 which is located here:

If you need further assistance with using Texas' System13 you can obtain training here:

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