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-===== GoRev Visit Status Editor ​Module ​=====+===== GoRev Vist Status Editor ​Tutorial ​=====
 +Welcome to the **GoRev Visit Status Editor Tutorial**. In this tutorial, we will focus on the process of **Adding**, **Editing**,​ and **Deleting** **Visit Statuses** as an Administrator in GoRev. ​
-This page will describe the features of the **Visit Status Editor** entry moduel. Click on the **Visit Status** button locked in the **Configuration** section ​of the Admin Toolbar \\ \\+**Note:** If you need assistance with a particular portion of this tutorial, please use the **Table of Contents** on the left hand side of this screen to navigate to the topic that you require
-{{:public:​gorev:​visit_status1.png|}}+====== 1 Navigating to the Visit Status Editor Module ====== 
 +As a GoRev Administrator,​ you will have the ability to **Add**, **Edit**, and **Delete** **Visit Statuses** in the **Visit Status Editor Module**. In order to navigate to the **Visit Status Editor**, first, begin by clicking on the **"​Configuration"​** icon in the Admin tab of the GoRev Homepage Toolbar
-**Note:** If you need assistance with a particular portion of this tutorial, please ​use the **Table of Contents** on the left hand side of this screen to navigate to the topic that you require+{{:​wiki:​visitstatus_config.png?​800|}} 
 +After the **Configuration** drop-down menu becomes visible, please ​click on the **"Visit Status Editor"​** option from the list 
 +====== 2 : Adding a New Visit Status ======
-===== Creating ​New Visit Status =====+==== Entering the New Status ​Name ==== 
 +At this point, the **Visit Status Editor** for your Facility will be visible. In order to create a new **Visit Status**, first, begin by entering the **Status Name** for the new status into the corresponding field in this window. ​
-In **Visit Status ​Editor** Fill out **Status Name**+{{:​public:​gorev:​step_2_part_1_status_name.png?​800|}} 
 +==== Selecting a Permission Level ==== 
 +Next, please select the user **Permission** required for the usage of this **Visit Status** ​from the **Permission** drop-down menu on your screen. ​
-Fill out **Permission**+==== Defining Do Not Bill Status ==== 
 +Now, please declare if the **Visit Status** is a Status that should or should not be Billed by clicking on the corresponding option in the **"Do Not Bill"​** area of this window. ​
 +==== Declaring Checked Out Status ====  
 +Once you are finished, please define if the **Visit Status** requires the Patient to be **Discharged** for the **Visit Status** to be used by selecting the **"​Yes"​** or **"​No"​** option from the **"​Checked Out"** area.  (FACT CHECK?)
-Select either if its ** Do Not Bill ** and if they are ** Checked Out **+{{:​public:​gorev:​step_2_part_4_checked_out.png?​800|}} 
 +==== Defining Status Type ====  
 +Now, please define the **Status Type** for the new **Visit Status** by entering the required information into the **"​Status Type"​** field in this window. ​
 +==== Adding the Visit Status to the System ==== 
 +Lastly, in order to successfully Add the **Visit Status** to the system, please click on the **"​Save as New"** button in the **Visit Status Editor**.
-Fill out ** Status Type **+{{:​public:​gorev:​step_2_part_6_save_as_new.png?​800|}}
-{{:public:​gorev:​visit_status5.png|}}+====== 3 Editing a Preexisting Visit Status ======
-Click on ** Save as New **+==== Selecting a Visit Status to Edit ==== 
 +In addition to adding a new **Visit Status**, ​as a GoRev Administrator,​ you will, also, have the ability to Edit an existing **Visit Status**. To begin, please select the **Visit Status** that you would like to Edit from the list in the Visit Status Editor. ​
 +==== Beginning the Edit Process ==== 
 +At this point, the information pertaining to your selected **Visit Status** will be present on your screen. To continue, please click on the **"​Edit"​** button in this window. ​
-===== Editing A Visit Status =====+{{:​public:​gorev:​step_3_part_2_edit.png?​800|}}
-Select ​the ** Visit Status ** you wish to edit+==== Editing the Selected Visit Status ==== 
 +Now, please edit any of the **Visit Status** ​information in this window that you require. ​
 +==== Saving the Edited Visit Status ==== 
 +Once you are finished editing, please click on the **"​Save"​** button in this window to save the **Visit Status** changes.
-Click on the ** Edit ** button+{{:​public:​gorev:​step_3_part_4_save_edits.png?​800|}}
-{{:​public:​gorev:​visit_status8.png|}}+==== Locating the Edited Visit Status ==== 
 +At this point, the Edited **Visit Status** will be present in the **Visit Status** list in this window
-Change what you want to change in the fields+{{:​public:​gorev:​step_3_part_5_edit_is_visible.png?​800|}} 
 +====== 4 : Deleting an Unwanted Visit Status ======
-{{:​public:​gorev:​visit_status9.png|}}+==== GoRev Visit Status Editor Module ==== 
 +Lastly, as a GoRev Administrator,​ you will have the ability to Delete an unwanted **Visit Status**. To begin, please select the **Visit Status** that you would like to Delete from the list in the Visit Status Editor.
-Click on ** Save **+{{:​public:​gorev:​step_4_select_to_delete.png?​800|}} 
 +==== Deleting the Selected Visit Status ==== 
 +Now, please click on the **"​Delete"​** button in this window to Delete the **Visit Status** from the system.
-===== Delete A Visit Status =====+**Note:** Please use caution when deleting **Visit Statuses** as this action cannot be reversed. ​
-Select the ** Visit Status ** you wish to delete 
-Click on ** Delete ** 
 ====== Additional Resources ====== ====== Additional Resources ======
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