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 +====== Workflow User Interface ======
 +In version 2019.10.968 the workflow user interface in GoRev has had the following functionality added:
 +  - **Open Linked Account**: Clicking this button will open any linked encounter. ​ It is especially useful in an ER type setup here a biller can open the professional side claim'​s workflow window while working the facility side.
 +  - **Patient Payment**: Allows quick entry of patient payments or if you are integrated with [[https://​​home/​|Salucro]] it will allow actual live processing of patient payments.
 +  - **Print Forms**: Opens the print services window providing a much quicker way for billers to access it and generate dynamic appeal forms, claim forms, or patient contact forms.
 +  - **Eligibility**:​ Opens the real time eligibility window
 +  - **Manage Insurance**:​ Opens the manage insurance user interface allowing billers to quickly update insurance information,​ apply new insurance to multiple visits, all without visiting patient overview
 +  - **Worksheets**:​ Allows quick access to the entire list of worksheets available on your server
 +  - **File Management**:​ Provides billers with quick access to all files stored on a patient encounter as well as the ability to add new files and manage existing ones
 +  - **New Fields**: Brought in a few additional fields and reorganized them into the new Visit Information section; Coding Status, Visit Status, Service Type, External ID
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